w/c 19th February – Keeping Safe Week!

This week in Reception, we have been sharing our experiences and knowledge about how to stay safe.  I have been very impressed with the knowledge children already understand about how to keep themselves safe, cross the road safely, use technology appropriately and what they need for a healthy, happy body. On Wednesday, we had a visit from Hitchin Fire Service.  The firefighters talked to us about their job and some experiences of when they needed to rescue people or their pets!  We learned the proper names for the clothes they wear in an emergency.  We then had a go at using the water hose and explored the fire engine too!   This inspired us to make our role play into a fire station and create our own fire engine and emergency equipment as well – great fun!  The next day, we had a visit from Mr Thompson to talk to us about the police service.  We learned to call 999 when there is an emergency and the kind of information we would need to know so that the emergency services can find us and help us get home.  We talked about the different kinds of transport the police use and had the opportunity to explore and try on some of Mr Thompson’s uniform.  Thank you so much for such worthwhile and hands-on visits, they really helped the children to put their learning and understanding into context.


2nd February 2018

This week, Reception have been inspired to investigate growing.  We each planted a bean and have started a bean diary to document the changes taking place over the next three weeks.  Miss Handley has also conducted an experiment to find out if a plant needs light to grow – currently Reception feel the plant has a 50/50 chance!  Watch this space…..

Writing stories has featured very strongly this week – children have applied their imagination and phonics knowledge to independently create their own stories, from magical lands to recounting family holidays, the variation has been wonderful!  In addition, we have used our CLPE text, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, to explore different teaching approaches such as role on the wall and challenge children to create alternative endings too.

26th January 2018

Dinosaurs have arrived in Reception!  We have been exploring and learning about size through dinosaurs.  We created a class height chart and compared our heights to find out who is the tallest and the smallest.  We then wondered how big a T-rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops were and used mathematical equipment such as trundle wheels and metre sticks to find out.  We ordered dinosaurs by size, enjoyed making different sized footprints in paint and made our own fossils too.  We explored fact and information books and considered many questions such as “what kind of animal is a dinosaur?”, “what do dinosaurs eat?”, “did dinosaurs lay eggs?” and “how did dinosaurs become extinct?”  We decided to use our imagination and creativity to bring dinosaurs to life in the classroom – we made our own costumes and props and created a stage for us to perform dinosaur shows!

w/c 8th January 2018

Happy New Year from Reception!  Children came back to school with lots of enthusiasm and we enjoyed catching up on all our holiday news and events.  The highlight of the week must, of course, be the visit from our canine friend – Eddie.  Ms Fenn backed a bag for Eddie to share with us so that we could talk about how to care for our pets.  We took turns brushing his soft fur whilst Eddie was very obedient.  Then we got to take him on a walk to the field.

We have also been very busy exploring technology and programmable toys such as beebots.  We practiced programming a beebot around a grid map. This inspired us to create our own stories and beebot mats.  We worked in teams to think of our characters, a storyline and drew our own illustrations to include on the grid.

w/c 4th December 2017

Christmas has truly arrived in Reception!  We have spent this week singing carols, making our Christmas cards (watch this space…), writing about the Nativity and practicing the songs (with actions!) for the upcoming KS1 and Reception Christmas Production.  On Friday the photographer arrived, we had much excitement trying on our costumes for the first time. St Andrew’s Christmas tree is also at Holy Saviour in time for the Christmas tree festival – it looks amazing!  Recption’s contribution are the wonderful Rudolf decorations.


w/c 27th November 2017

This week, our role play area has become  a Post Office.  We began by talking about what we would need to create our Post Office.  The children demonstrated their knowledge by suggesting envelopes, parcels and packages, stamps and a till.  They are now busy writing letters, cards and messages to each other.  We even have our own post box!  We are also continuing our interest in pattern from our daily maths fluency lessons by creating lots of patterns in different ways – using shapes, stamps, small parts, beads – and looking for pattern in the environment too!

w/c 13th November 2017 – Family learning week

This week, we enjoyed welcoming parents into the classroom to share with them how we teach and learn maths in Reception.  This term, we have been working hard at practising counting and sorting, recognising pattern within numbers.  Groups of children engaged in maths games such as dominoes, snakes and ladders and sorting/counting dot pattern cards.  We had a fun game of Snap It! too.  Thank you to all the parents that were able to share this experience with us – we hope you found it a fun and worthwhile session!

w/c 2nd October 2017

The highlight of this week was, of course, our trip to the Bird of Prey Centre at Wilstead. Despite the weather being unkind to use (really very windy!) we managed to have an enjoyable day – the staff there could not have been more enthusiastic.  Children had the opportunity to hold an owl, watch a flying display and then have a go at flying an owl themselves, Peanut the barn owl!  We learned lots of interesting facts and had a go at trying to turn our heads like an owl but sadly, we aren’t as flexible.  After lunch and a welcome break from the wind, we met lots of interesting ‘little critters’ including Elizabeth the python, Barry the iguana and Susy the skunk!  A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers without which the trip would probably not have been possible.  We are now reflecting on our experiences at the Centre and enjoying learning more about Light and Dark, including nocturnal and diurnal animals.


w/c 25th September 2017

This week, Reception celebrated the diverse culture within their class on Tuesday 26th September.  Children were invited to reflect their family’s culture by wearing some traditional clothes to school and share their knowledge and experiences with their peers.   During the day, we had lots of fun and opportunity to explore some different traditions from around the world.  We made carnival masks from Brazil, vegetable kebabs from Turkey, explored spices from India and made our own rangoli patterns using coloured rice, created paper-chains and flags to decorate our learning environment, and even learned some folk dancing from Denmark – phew!

A huge Thank You to all the volunteers, parents and grandparents that came into school to share their culture and experiences with us – you really helped to enrich the whole day for us and bring it to life.  In the afternoon, we even enjoyed our own Carnival and all the children participated by wearing their carnival masks and talking about their own culture, families and home experiences.



w/c 11th September 2017

This week, Reception met up with their Year 6 buddies to walk to church.  They really enjoyed the opportunity to chat and get to know each other a little more.  Of course, the main event has yet to happen – staying for lunch on Friday!  During this week, we have explored our learning environment in more detail.  The most popular areas being our role play, small world and Atelier.  The children are really enjoying the opportunity to spend time outdoors – digging in the sand, making rivers and lakes, creating a construction zone and building a wall with the bricks.  We even made our own cement! Next week, we look forward to starting our Let’s Talk sessions and our Enrichment.


w/c 4th September 2017

Welcome to Reception!  The children are settling in very well, investigating their environments and learning new routines.  We are enjoying sharing holiday memories and talking about all the special items in our treasure boxes. Later this week, we met our Year 6 buddies for the first time, sharing some stories and books.  Children were very excited and look forward to seeing their buddies again next week for our Welcome service and, of course, staying for lunch next Friday!