Year 1

Friday 23 February – Keeping Safe Week

We have been talking about being safe this week.  We explored how to be safe when using a computer or a tablet. We reminded each other about safe bodies. We also talked about Stranger Danger and identified safe strangers and safe places.  We all feel happier about what to do if we were lost or if a stranger approached us.  We then made posters to remind us and we shared these with Reception.

Tuesday 6th February 

As the snow fell gently from the grey sky over St Andrew’s school our Year 1 and Year 2 pupils eagerly awaited their day of enrichment. How wonderful that the snow joined in! All children were extremely excited to be mixing the Year 1 and Year 2 classes and having an opportunity to work with a different teacher.

We were delighted to welcome Jane Glynn (a local artist) who used the outdoor environment to inspire art around a winter’s theme for all of our pupils. Jane carefully questioned pupils about their observations of winter in the outdoor environment and pupils expressed their ideas about the colours that they felt represented winter. They then transferred these ideas to create clothes using different materials for a manikin. They gave justifications for the colours that they chose and really enjoyed sharing their own work and commenting on the works of others.

In addition to this, children took part in Haiku poetry writing. Again, they used first hand experiences of winter outside and magpied ideas from songs about winter e.g. In the Bleak Midwinter to create their own. They particularly developed their use of descriptive vocabulary such as adjectives, adverbs and similes.

Here are a few photos from the day.



Friday 26th January

We have been finding out about different types of penguins and we challenged ourselves to work in a team and measure the penguins outIMG_1268 accurately.  Do you think we managed to do this well?


Friday 19th January

We are reading Lost and Found

We identified the two main characters and described what they look like and how they might be feeling.

Friday 12th January

We set up the crib scene of the Nativity again, as we added a character we explained why the character was important.  We debated as to which character was the most important and why.  We then took away characters and discussed if this would still keep the Christian meaning of Christmas and Incarnation.  Finally we organised the characters in order of importance and explained why.




Friday 8th December

We finished our topic on The Senses with a tricky challenge!

Mrs Evans put some salt in a pot and then some sugar in another pot, but she couldn’t remember which one was which!  We had to use our senses to find out!

We decided that we had to be safe when we were testing unknown objects, so we started with the sense of sight.  Both pots looked similar – tiny white particles, so that didn’t help.  We then used the sense of smell – most of us thought that they didn’t have an odour, so that didn’t help!  We then used the sense of sound – when we shook them gently they had a very similar sound, so that didn’t help!  Next we used the sense of touch – they were both gritty like sand , so that didn’t help!  Finally we had to taste them!  We carefully took a few grains and put them in our mouth.  We could instantly tell the difference – the mystery was solved!

Our next Science project is all about Light.

Thursday 7th DecemberIMG_3910Mrs Kerr and Year 6 have been to Holy Saviour to decorate our school tree ” A Christmas Tale” ready for the Christmas Tree Festival.  Year 1’s story is Babushka – see if you can spot it!

Friday 1st December

Making sense of our senses!

What a day we have had finding out about the sense of smell.  We had four smell pots and we had to try and identify the smell without looking at the object.  The strong smells were easy to identify – coffee and garlic, but some smells we could not guess at all!

We watched a Science clip to find out how our noses smell and it was very interesting learning some new vocabulary

olfactory, septum, nostril

We then had fun with the perfume test! Four of us were spread around the room with our eyes closed.  We sprayed some perfume in the air and then when one of the four could smell it they had to sit down. We wanted to find out how far smells travel.  The smell travelled to every person and we think that was because the heater was on and the particles could travel in the air.

Luckily it was a lovely smell, as it did linger!

Friday 17th November

Pudsey sets a Mathematical Challenge!

Pudsey made a star out of straws.  He challenged the children to make three stars.

One had to be bigger than his star.

Two had to be smaller but different sizes.

The children had to reason systematically  as to how they would solve this problem.

They noticed that the star was made out of two triangles.  They used their mathematical knowledge about 2D shapes to identify how many sides a triangle has and so how many straws they would need to cut.  They compared their straw length with one side of the triangle in the star.  Once they had decided the length of their triangle’s  side, they measured and cut 6 equal lengths.  Then they worked carefully to construct their star.

When they had all the stars on the carpet they were able to notice  other triangles within the stars and they could discuss how they would count these all in a systematic way.  The children are growing as mathematicians as they notice and reason about their learning and are clearly beginning to work systematically in problem-solving.

Thursday 16th November

Maths Family Learning

The children loved having their parents into class to become more familiar with “fluency” in maths.  We shared our subitising skills using a range of manipulative resources and worked in groups noticing patterns using a tens-frame.  We particularly loved singing a subitising song – hope all who came enjoyed it too!IMG_1332


Friday 3rd November

Enriching our learning at Tate Modern

Year One had the most amazing experience in London working with Tate Modern’s artists-in-residence.  They worked in the gallery focusing on artwork by Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Olafur Eliasson, Victor Pasmore and Ibrahim El-Salahi. They loved being part of the Turbine Gallery exhibition “1,2,3 Swing”.  They were amazed by the tall glass buildings and seeing the River Thames with all the passing river traffic.  We had an incredible view of St. Paul’s Cathedral too.  Here are some of the photos of our day – if ever there was a visit entitled “awe and wonder” this should have been it!  Even the escalators were an experience!


Watch our Creation Performance by clicking here.

Thursday 19th October 

In the beginning there was silence … Creation music

Year one children have been using percussion instruments developing their rhythm skills.  They interpreted the creation of stars in the Bible story of Creation using triangles and cymbols.  They then performed as part of the school orchestra our composition to reflect the Creation story.  See our website to hear the composition.  The children loved the “heartbeat” they thought it might be God’s heartbeat or the sound of the animals heartbeat.  They also loved the repetitive chorus of “creation” which the choir wove into our piece.  They proposed we performed it again all dressed up as sea creatures, oceans, forests, animals, stars, sun and planets!

Friday 13th October 

Sorting Scientists and Mathematicians

Year 1 have been learning to sort in many different ways.  Today they decided to pose a scientific enquiry “which eye colour do most children have in Year 1?”  We discussed lots of different ways to collect the information.  Their challenge was to present it in a visual way.  This is what they did. John had the idea of placing all the eyes in a long line so that we could compare the amounts easily.  The children wondered if eye colour was linked to hair colour.  What do you think?



Tuesday 10th October – Outdoor learning – seasonal senses


The children used their senses to explore the glorious outdoors at Cuffley woods.  They used their sense of sight to collect autumn colours from the forest floor.  They then worked in teams to match leaves to the trees.  Amazingly they were able to stay quiet for two minutes to listen to the sounds of the forest using their sense of hearing.  The children also had fun making smell potions and planning whether to make nice or horrid smells from their foraging.  One potion was named “poison wood pecker potion, another crab apple surprise!”  In the afternoon, the children developed their orienteering skills and followed directional arrows around a natural obstacle course.  It was highly challenging and the children had to go up, under and through a variety of trees, logs, tunnels and nets.  They were extremely supportive of each other, encouraging and cheering as they completed the task.

Tuesday 3rd October

Rights and Responsibilities

We talked about UNICEF children’s rights during PSHE and the children were interested in the idea that they have rights but also responsibilities.  Some age appropriate rights were selected for our class charter and the children considered their responsibilities.  Here are some of their ideas:

Friday 29th September

Shape explorers!

Year 1 have been busy revising their 3D shape names and identifying them in the local environment.  They have played many games to familiarise with 3D shape properties. They chose two shapes and found out what was the same and what was different about these shapes.  Try this game at home.

They are beginning to solve problems by using properties of 3D shape to make judgements and decisions.

Try looking out for 3D shapes in the home and describing them using these words –

faces, corners, edges, curved, flat, roll, stack.

Year 1 Body Experts!!!

Year 1 have shown a real fascination for learning about body parts – especially the organs and the bones!  Today they drew around a willing body and then drew and labelled  the bones and main organs.  Do you think  your body is like this inside?

Later they watched a short film showing the journey of food.  They were so interested to find out how the body extracted all the goodness and used it for different reasons.

Creation Dance

Children learned about the dancer’s “gift” in their Creation dance workshops.  They told the creation story using their bodies.  They explored sea creatures and birds with a partner, showing excellent imagination.  They also explored the relationship between God and Man and investigated mirror work which they shared with the whole school.  All the children responded with very mature emotion and sensitivity to the music.

The dance teachers came from The Spring Dance Company in London and engaged well with all children.

Meeting our buddies

The children have met their new year 5 buddies.  They have really enjoyed being read to and the year 5 children loved commenting in their buddies reading diary.

The children are settling well to the new routines of key stage one and I am very proud of how they are settling in.