Year 2

Friday 15th December 2017

This week in maths we have been revising subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number using ‘think 10’ as our strategy.

27 – 9  = ?

27 – 7 = 20 (This gets us back to our friendly number, 20)

We have only subtracted 7, but we need to subtract 9.

So we need to subtract two more.

20 – 2 = 18

Friday 8th December 2017

Year 2 were delighted to be crowned the winners of the Christmas tree competition at the Christmas fair. They worked so very hard on creating their spiders and webs. Well done Year 2!

Here are photographs of the St Andrew’s tree at the Holy Saviour tree festival. This tree includes decorations from all classes across the school.

Can you spot any spiders or webs?




Friday 2nd December 2017

Well done to all of Year 2 class for learning their words off by heart for our Christmas nativity. We are now focusing on using expression, body language and actions in order to convey our messages to our audience. We are incredibly excited to be trying on our costumes next week ready for our photographs.

Friday 24th November 2017

The Little Grey Spider Legend: For the past week we have been very busy making spiders and webs to decorate our Christmas tree ready for the Christmas fair tree competition. We were amazed to hear how the spider webs were turned into tinsel! We demonstrated our value of koinonia through working in pairs and developed our self assessment with a peer giving feedback on how we could improve our spiders and webs.





Wednesday 8th November 2017

This is the work of Cy Twombly

croped 3 croped final

This is our final piece of art created as a whole class in the style of Cy Twombly






Watch our Creation Performance here.

In Art this week, we have been inspired by the works of Cy Twombly. We had to think very carefully about the skills and techniques that Cy had used in order to create our own versions of his work. We decided on the type of cloud that we wanted to represent and used the colour of the sky as the background. The sky colour may be blue as the it is a sunny day or may be represented through reds and oranges for the sunset. We also had to find a way of allowing the paint to drip to the bottom of the page. We used trial and error and we made lots of discoveries such as holding the paper vertically so that the paint dripped down and adding water to allow the drip to occur. We discovered that if we put too much water onto the paper then the paper became soggy and often fell apart. We had to take part in a great amount of problem solving.

Here are some examples of our art far.



Last week we had a very exciting visit from the fire service. We got to actually sit inside the fire engine and have our own turn at being a fireman. We even got to use the fireman’s hose! We really appreciated that the firemen came to talk to us about the fire of London. We couldn’t believe it when they had to pack up really fast to attend a real life emergency.



Can you guess which day of creation our poem is about?

Thinking, blinding, darkening

Lighting, hanging, twinkling

Scorching sun burning uncontrollably

Shining and shimmering through the glittering night

Will the sun ever cool down?






We have had a resident dance company in school who have visited us three times this week. We moved our bodies to depict the different days of the creation story. Our favourite part was when one person had to be a big blob of clay. The other person had to then sculpt the body by moulding each body part. We all enjoyed painting our smiles on at the end of the dance!

We have also been thinking about why God chose to create the things that he did. We also thought of questions about creation. Here are some examples:

“God put flowers on the Earth because he wanted a scent on his planet”

“Why did God make the sea?”

“He made humans so that they could look after God’s world.”

“This is part of Genesis.”

“Why did God make weather?”

“Why did God make a girl and a boy?”

“Why did God choose the order of creation that he did?”


Next week we will be writing a creation poem.


Year 2 used their colour mixing skills in art to create their own bauble for their Christmas cards. They were not allowed to use paint brushes, but had to use only paper as a tool to paint, using folding to  create different lines and shapes.

Christmas Cards

Welcome to Year 2!


Year 2 pupils have settled in really well after the summer break and they are already beginning to show their organisational skills and independence. They are very proud to be the oldest pupils in Key Stage 1!