Year 3


Christmas Tree Festival

It is that time of year again and Year Three have made beautiful decorations based on the The Christmas Miracle of Johnathan Toomey. They made their own nativity figures using only tissue paper and glue. I’m sure you will all agree that they looked fab at the Christmas Fair.

Here is our complete Christmas tree and the wonderful children who helped Mrs Kerr decorate it. We really appreciate that our children go above and beyond when helping staff and always show their school values.


What a week! In English we are writing newspaper articles about Mr Parker finding a T-Rex fossil on the school grounds. We even got to interview Mr Parker for quotes for our articles.DSCN0587



Year three have been working hard on their computing projects. Clink the video below for a quick video which shows their final products.



Year Three have now moved on to using a written subtraction method! They are learning how to recognise when they need to exchange and what exchanging really means. Several of our children have doubled their effort in class and are most definitely ready for KS2!


We are now reading ‘Pebble in my Pocket’ which is a fantastic book which tells the gigantic history of how a tiny pebble came  to be.  The children have written their own stories about the lives of some prehistoric animals.

Here is Arno’s Story. We wonder if you can guess what animal he chose to be!

The sound of a  loud rumbling tummy got me up. Straight away, I got out of the warm river to eat my breakfast, grass.

“Uh-oh!” A yellow  coated animal pounced into the air. I ran back to the warm river. I ran so fast that I would hear my heart!  Although I could hear my heart beating really fast, I could still hear the yellow creature behind me! Wow! I nearly ran straight into a tree. Trodding on twigs, dodging other animals of my kind. Finally, I reached the warm river. I turned round and realised it was a yellow, big, angry lion! Luckily, he ran away. Phew.

Now it was lunch time, and I am starving. I climb out of the warm river and began to eat some grass for lunch. There it was again! The same animal trying to attack me! This is bad. Arrgh! I dodged the creature and ran really quickly  back to the river. Will  I make it in time…

Arno – Year Three


Year Three are having a fantastic time in their computing lessons! We have been our Lego WeDo guided project which involves creating a model and programming it to move! We have learned how to properly take turns to ensure everyone is a crucial part of each project.




What a busy few weeks Year Three have had! They won class of the week in Miss Sharp’s absence because they were still absolutely fantastic members of the school. Well done Year Three!

Year Three have begun to learn the expanded column method in maths to solve addition problems. This has taken a lot of  practice and hard work from year three and we will be carrying this on into November. You may want to challenge your children to  share the m method with you!

Creation Performance 2017

This term the whole school has been focusing on Creation in R.E. Using all of our new found knowledge and understanding, the children have worked with Mrs Johnson to produce a fantastic audio performance of the creation story.




This month we have been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have had a fantastic time assuming roles such as farmers and debating how to get rid of the Iron Man! We had to have a formal council  meeting to make our decision and then we read on in the book to find out if the characters decided to do the same thing. (We won’t tell you what happened as we don’t want to spoil the book for you!)

We have also been performing the book using our reader’s theatre approach and have written diary entries as though we are the characters. Finally, we enjoyed hot seating each other and pretending to be the characters to bring the stories to life!

Welcome – September

Welcome back to another school year. I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for the school year to come.

Year Three are currently settling in and adjusting to being Juniors in Key Stage 2. They are working very hard to get used to their new routine. They will also be choosing their new Pupil Parliament Councillors this week.