Year 6

Friday 9th February

Children in year 6 have represented the school in both athletics and Tag rugby competitions over the past two weeks. We are very proud of their sportsmanship and skill and they did extremely well.

We were also fortunate to have a Jazz workshop for our instrumentalists led by North Herts Music School. It was excellent and we really achieved some great music.

In RE we have exploring the meaning of holiness in different contexts. Today we read the section of Exodus about Moses and the Burning Bush and look at some art work by Marc Chagall, Leslie Xuereb, Paul Koli and other artists. This inspired our own art work in which we tried to represent the ideas of holiness. Here are a few examples.

Friday 2nd February 

This has been another very busy week in year 6. In English we have been enjoying our class book, Pig-Heart boy by Malorie Blackman. In maths we have become experts in perimeter, area and volume. See the pictures below which shows how we met the challenge of making an open box with a volume of 24 cm cubed.


In geography we have been learning about Energy and the Environment and on Friday afternoon we had a debate about the advantages and disadvantages of building more wind farms. At times it got quite heated!


The highlight of the week was most certainly in science. We have been learning about the circulatory system and had the opportunity to really find out about the structure of the heart by dissecting some pig hearts. It was an exciting and fascinating experience!



Friday 19th January

Our first two weeks of 2018 have been incredibly busy and Year 6 are really working incredibly hard! Today we started our new science topic on circulation and learnt about how the heart works. We simulated the journey of the blood around the body (the classroom). Most of the class were blood and had to visit the lungs to collect oxygen, return to the heart, go to parts of the body to deliver the oxygen and return to the heart again. This simulation really helped us to understand the double circulation system – and was quite a lot of fun!





Monday 18th December

Year 6 have been discussing what Racism is and why we think some people might be racist. We were inspired by the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah. We made our own videos and wrote our own poems that challenge racism. Click below to watch one of our poems being read. 


Thursday 14th December

Congratulations to Year 6 who led our fantastic Christmas Carol Service last night at Holy Saviour. The whole of KS2 sang beautifully and year 6 read every part of the service clearly and very professionally! 

Today we have been to visit Revered Henton-Pusey at Walsworth Baptist Church. As part of our learning in RE we have been exploring the question of whether there is evidence that Jesus was the Messiah and what impact belief has on the way in which Christians celebrate Christmas. Reverend Henton-Pusey answered some quite probing questions from the children as he explained how he celebrates Christmas and what the true meaning of Christmas is for him. We are very grateful for the time he gave us at such a busy time of year!



The St. Andrew’s Christmas Tree in the Hitchin Christmas Tree festival is up! Mrs Kerr and four year 6 children went to Holy Saviour Church this morning to decorate it with all our decorations on the the theme of ‘A Christmas Tale’. Our choir will be opening the festival on Saturday.









7th December 2017

Today, as part of our work on Classification, we carried out an interesting science experiment on micro-organisms. We asked questions about the different conditions that yeast needs to produce carbon dioxide. We then designed fair tests to explore our questions. Our results were varied but we could certainly see the carbon dioxide collecting in the balloons. 


16th November 2017

We have had a an extremely busy week. Highlights have been our family learning sessions on fluency with fractions. Thank you so much to all the parents who joined us on our fractions journey this week. It was very good to discuss our learning with other adults.




Today we visited St. Mary’s Church to see the partition monument. As we had seen the play ‘Child of the Divide’ last year and learn about the partition in India in 1947 this was very important to us. We looked at the pictures, lit a candle and held a reflection for those affected by this event in history.




Click on the link below to see the whole school musical creation perfomance

Watch our Creation Performance here.


20th October

In geography, we have been learning about mountains. We have learnt about contour lines and grid references. We used potatoes to represent a mountain and draw one centimetre apart lines around the potato. Then we cut the potatos with knives and layered them.We drew around the potato on paper when we took the potato off it made contour lines. We feel we have been successful although it left us with some clearing up!  By Rose and Tess





13th October

We are really proud of our final pieces for our Creation Art project. In the final stages we used a variety of techniques to create the effects we wanted including stitching on the painting which was quite a challenge! We really showed our value of Koinonia as we had to work effectively together to complete the piece.









19th September 2017

Today we began the first stage of our creation art project. We have experimented with drawing inks and are creating our own universe. This has required a bit of planning, lots of experimenting and a great deal of teamwork. We are looking forward to seeing the final results.






8th September 2017

The children have settled in really well in our first week of term and are already working hard. We have started some of our new topics and are busy understanding our new responsibilities as the oldest members of the school.

One of the highlights of the week was most certainly meeting our buddies for the first time. We were very excited to meet them. We went down to reception and shared a book with our buddy. Next week we will walk with our buddies to church and have lunch with them on Friday – the first day that they stay for lunch.